人教版新目标九年级英语上册unit 5 复习提纲

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人教版新目标九年级英语上册unit 5 复习提纲

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unit 5 What are the shirts made of?
一般现在时: am/ is / are + done
一般过去时: was / were + done
一般将来时: will / be going to be + done
现在完成时: have/ has been + done
现在进行时: am / is / are being + done
过去进行时: was / were being +done
含有情态动词的: can / should/ must / may be + done

1. 只有及物动词才有被动语态,不及物动词后面不能直接跟宾语,那么变成被动语态就会没有主语。(happen不及物动词)
2. 表示状态的词没有被动语态(have)
3. 系动词没有被动语态,其中感官动词可以用主动表示被动
The music sounds beautiful.
还有一些动词和well 等副词连用时,用主动表示被动,比如:sell, wash, read等
The book sells well, and it is sold out.
4. 一些动词短语没有被动语态,belong to, break out
5. to do 作宾补,在主动语态里省略to的,在被动语态里必须把to还原
have sb do, make sb do, see sb do, hear sb do, watch sb do
The teacher makes us clean classroom every day.------
We are made to clean classroom by the teacher every day.
6. 一些动词后跟doing, 可以表示被动  , need / want / require doing  , be worth doing sth
My car requires washing. = My car requires to be washed.

be made of 由…制成(看出原材料)   be made from 由…制成 (看不出原材料)
be made into +制成品 被制成       be made in +地点 在某地被制成
be made by + 制作人   被…所制成    be made up of 有…组成

glass  玻璃  不可数名词
     玻璃杯  可数名词    a glass of water,  2 glasses of water
     眼睛    复数名词    glasses ,  sunglasses

the art and science fair 艺术和科学展览会   environmental protection环境保护
be famous for = be known for因为…而闻名  be famous as = be known as作为…而闻名
be known to +出名的范围  为…所熟知
be well known for = be very famous as 因为…而非常有名

produce & make
produce 生产,制造,也可以表示生产粮食,种植蔬菜
make 生产,制造= produce, 但是不能表示通过种植而获得产品
The factory produces / makes 200 cars every day.
They produces rice and wheat.

as far as I know 据我所知  on the sides of the mountains在山坡上  by hand手工地,亲手地
all over the world= around the world全世界   be good for对…有好处

France法国  French法国的,法语  Frenchman法国人 ,复数是Frenchmen
in the local shops在当地的商店里  avoid doing sth避免做某事   be good at doing sth擅长做
某事  high-technology products 高科技产品   in all parts of the world 在世界各地

no matter what意为“无论什么”,引导 让步状语从句,相当于whatever
与no matter what用法类似的还有:
 no matter who = whoever 无论谁
   no matter when = whenever 无论什么时候     
   no matter where = wherever 无论在哪儿
No matter where /Wherever you go, don’t forget your hometown.
every day & everyday
every day 每一天 ,表示频率
everyday 日常的,每天的,形容词  everyday life 日常生活,  everyday English 日常英语

traffic accidents交通事故  
process 动词,加工,处理  The factory processed leather last year.这个工厂去年加工皮革。
       名词, 过程 , the teaching process教学过程

at the festival在节日上   fly a kite= fly kites放风筝 international kite festival国际风筝节
compete 竞赛,比赛,动词  compete with sb 和某人竞争= compete against sb
compete for sth 为…而竞争 
competitor竞争者,参赛者 ,名词   competition 竞争,竞赛,名词

paint 动词 ,用颜料画,绘画 He is fond of painting.
            用油漆刷 I want to paint the door yellow.

each & every
1.each 两个或两个以上的每一个,every 三个或三个以上的每一个
2.each强调个体, every强调整体
3.each可以和of连用,every不可以,each of+名词复数+谓语动词的三单形式,主语是each.
   Each of us has a dictionary.

own  自己的,形容词  one’s own +n = n+ of one’s own
This is my own pen.= This is a pen of my own.
     on one’s own独自,独立 Do your homework by your homework.
     动词 ,拥有  He owns a big company.--------owner名词,主人

form 名词,形式,类型   the form of …的形式 the forms of traditional art 传统艺术形式
     名词,表格   Fill in the form first. 先填表
     动词,形成,构成 ,培养  You should form a good habit of learning.

turn …into 变成   Ice can turn into water.
be turned into 被变成  The bed can be turned into a sofa.

object of beauty 美的物体   according to根据  rise into the air 升入空中  be folded被折叠
be cut with scissors被剪刀剪   be carefully shaped被小心地塑形   be polished and painted

be covered with 被…覆盖   The mountain is covered with snow all year round.
at a high heat在高温下  it takes sb some time to do sth
complete 动词,完成
        形容词,完整的 Your answer is not complete.
completely 副词,完全地,彻底地
be lit被点燃 lit原形是light
light 可数名词,灯   turn off the lights 关灯
    不可数名词,光线    The sun sends out light and heat.
    动词,点燃 (过去式lighted/ lit; 过去分词lighted/ lit)He lit a cigarette.他点了一支烟。
    形容词,浅的,淡的,修饰颜色  light blue淡蓝色  ,反义词dark blue 深蓝色

send out发出(光,热, 声音,信号),放出 ,代词放中间,用宾格
The sun sends out light and heat.

see…as = regard…as = consider…as 把…看作
They see me as their good friend. = They regard me as their good friend.= They consider me as
their good friend.
be seen as 被看作  I am seen as their good friend by them.

scissors 剪刀,复数名词,表达数量需要用量词,a pair of scissors一把剪刀,加上量词后,谓语动词的形式根据量词来定   This pair of scissors is expensive.

lively 形容词,生气勃勃的,活泼的,颜色鲜艳的,修饰人或物 She is a lively person.
living形容词,活着的,健在的,常作定语,放在名词之前, living things生物
alive形容词,活着的 ,常作表语,The fish is still alive.

fire 名词,火
    动词,烘烤  They are fired at a very high heat.他们在非常高的温度下被烘烤。
    开火 Don’t fire.
    解雇, 炒鱿鱼 You are fired. 你被炒鱿鱼了。

be used for doing sth = be used to do sth被用来做某事

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